I went to a concert at the Loft (UCSD indie entertainment center; BE THERE) to go see Abigail Washburn. I must say, I heard she was a banjo player and I thought it would be hearing the Deliverance soundtrack live,

kinda like this

and I wasn’t expecting much. Let’s just say it blew my mind, in an awesometastic way.

I think Miley Cyrus says it best:

You get the best of both worlds.

And I did. Washburn’s haunting but lovely voice (as you’ll hear in the video) can adapt to any genre and the banjo goes surprisingly well with indie rock. This video does not illustrate exactly what I saw: at the Loft, Washburn was accompanied by a guy named Kai Welch (I wish I took a video or photo, grrrr) who sang and played keyboard, harmonica, guitar, and trumpet XD. His keyboard effects with the banjo were like peas and carrots and Washburn’s amazingly stable voice carried it all so well. 

This led to us (Tiffany and I) running back to our apartment to get our money so we can buy the CD. The CD wasn’t actually worth it (she is so much better live) but talking to her was so amazing. She was so sincere and inspiring, and had an amazingly smiley face (KAWAI). She told us she took up banjo when she was 21 which frankly gave me hope. 

Like a total fangirl I am, I asked for her autograph on my ticket. WHICH I will show you later, but when she’s a big star, this ticket will be quite valuable. 

Conclusion: $11 well spent.